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Numerical Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Ball Grid Array Solder Joint at High Tempe ...

Journal: al: Advanced Materials Research , 1994
Author: E.H. Amalu, N.N. Ekere, R.S. Bhatti, S. Mallik, G. Takyi, A.O. Akii Ibhadode

Ecological effects of oil spill on pelagic and bottom dwelling organisms in the riverine areas of Od ...

Journal: Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment. , 2016
Author: Doris Fovwe Ogeleka, Oghenekohwiroro Edjere, Angela Nwudu and Felix Ebodaghe Okieimen

Man Power Prediction for Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Journal: Nigeria journal of Engineering Management, 2006
Author: Akpoturi P.E

Crude oil degradation potential of bacteria isolated from oil-polluted soil and animal wastes in soi ...

Journal: AIMS Environmental Science Journal, 2017
Author: Voke O. Urhibo and Bernard O.Ejechi

Regression Analysis And The Use of SPOT Remotely Sensed Data in Monitoring Environmental Changes..

Journal: Asian Journal of Information Technology (AJIT) , 2007
Author: Onosemuode, C and Olanruwanju, S

Design of a PV-Connected DC-DC Converter

Journal: International Journal of Emerging trends in Engineering and Development, 2012
Author: Ofualagba Godswill, Onyan Aaron Okiemute and Igbinoba Kevwe Charles

Development of a New Flux for Aluminium Gas Welding

Journal: : Advanced Materials Research, 1994
Author: oseph I. Achebo, A.O. Akii Ibhadode

Effects of Reinforcement Combinations of Calcium Carbonate nanofiller on the Mechanical and Creep p ...

Journal: Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, , 2010
Author: Ihueze, C.C. Mgbemena, C.O.

Work Flow for Reservoir Study and Challenges

Journal: Onepetrol Journal, 2015
Author: Okotie Sylvester. and Stanley Buduka. and Ikporo Bibobra

A Financial Option Based Price and Risk Management Model for Pricing Electrical Energy in Nigeria

Journal: Advances in Multidisciplinary and Scientific Research Journal, 2017
Author: D. Allenotor and A.A. Ojugo