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Prepared by FUPRE Security Department

To guarantee your personal security within the University community requires a strong synergy between staff, students and the security unit of FUPRE.

FUPRE security flows from the level of security consciousness of all members of staff. For an institution like ours that is currently experiencing internal and external security challenge due to its porous nature, it is become expedient that the issues touching on the personal security of staff as well as the security of public space be taken seriously.

It is in cognizance of this, and in line with best global policing practices that the FUPRE Security Unit put up tips for personal security.

Now that we have established that YOU have a primary role in your personal security, it is advised that you should regularly check your self –protective strategy to ensure that you are;
1.    Minimizing your predictable patterns,
2.    Adopting a low profile in your personal life,
3.    Aware of current terrorist/criminal activities and attacks in general,
4.    Satisfied with the defensive measures around your home and workplace; and know who to talk to if you are not,
5.    Monitoring practices adopted by yourself, your family and immediate staff for effective protection.
6.    Above all, see your security officers, local police officers as invaluable partners and dependable allies in the enhancement of your personal security and that of your family and the university community.

1.    Criminals are not spirits or super humans. They mingle amongst students and staff for cover.
2.    They can be identified by their conduct and mode of life.
3.    When suspicious of any person, report immediately to the security department.
4.    If you find any object suspected to be an explosive device, do not attempt to remove it. Immediately evacuate the locality and call the security personnel.
5.    REMEMBER criminality has nothing to do with religion, ethnicity or gender. So avoid unwittingly helping the cause of criminals by seeing them from such erroneous lenses.
6.    Defeating criminals requires the resolves of all staff.
7.    Remember, the price of liberty is eternal “vigilance”

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