The following schedule is proposed (venue: Main Lecture Theatre, FUPRE; and Time:12-1.00pm, remains same)

Date: 27th April, 2016
Seminar Chairman: Prof. Arubayi, Dean, College of Science, FUPRE


1. Dr. Akpofure Rim-Rukeh; Ag Dean, Students’ Affairs, FUPRE
Topic: Design and Construction of a pilot-Scale Open Pond System for the Cultivation of Microalgae for Biofuel Production.
2. Ms.Ovonomo Onocha, Dept. of  Chemical Engineering-FUPRE
Topic: Agro-waste: An Alternative Source of Biodiesel.

Date: 25th May, 2016
Seminar Chairman: Prof.(Mrs.) Mary Edema, Deputy Vice Chancellor, FUPRE

1. Prof. Christopher I. Ajuwa; Dean, Postgraduate School, FUPRE
Topic: Investigation of Solanum Melongena and Solanum Aethiopicum Extracts as Corrosion Inhhibitors in Acidic Media.
2. Engr. Dr. Omonigho B. Otanocha, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, FUPRE
Topic: Process Design Developnment and Refining of Waste Motor Oil for Use as fuel in Compression Ignition Engines.

Date: 29th June, 2016
Seminar Chairman: Prof. (Mrs) Perekeyi Tawari-Fufeyin, Director, Linkages and Research, FUPRE

1. Dr. Peters Akpoturi; Ag. H.O.D Dept. of Petroleum Engineering, FUPRE
Topic: Petroleum Industry, Catalyst for Employment Generation.
2. Awaiting topic/title of research from the principal Investigator.