TheUniversity is using this medium to remind students that:


1.         ALLSTUDENTS (fresh and returning) are to compulsorily register their coursesat the beginning of every session. Failure to do so in any given session is tantamount to VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL from theUniversity.


2.         Course registration shall be consideredincomplete until the student’s Course Forms are printed out and distributed toall parties concerned including the Academic Affairs Office, the Student’sDepartment and the relevant College office. NO COLLECTION OF COURSE FORMS ONCE FIRST SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS START.


3.         Any fresh student seeking deferment of admission must havecompleted his/her Clearance Exercise,and thereafter, write a formal application for deferment to the Registrarthrough his/her Department/College, attaching evidences of payment ofacceptance fee and school fees.


4.         Any returning student who is faced withany challenge such as financial, health or otherwise, and as a result, unableto pay appropriate charges/register as a student in this University, is advisedto APPLY FOR TEMPORARY WITHDRAWAL/LEAVEOF ABSENCE FROM THE UNIVERSITY, to enable him/her proffer solution to thechallenge. Please note that such Leave of Absence is granted for a period NOT EXCEEDING ONE ACADEMIC SESSION.Also not that such application MUST bemade at commencement of the session in which the Leave is being sought.


5.     Theparents or guardian of an indisposed student should INFORM THE UNIVERSITY AUTHORITIES, IN WRITING, of the student’sstate of health with evidence.  Suchletter should be addressed to the Dean, through the student’s Head ofDepartment.  The Dean shall, on receiptof such letter, present a memorandum, on behalf of the student, to the Senate.


6.        Allmedical reports for the purpose of the application sought by any student shallbe presented to the University Health Centre for authentication, failing which,it shall not be accepted by the Senate.


7.         All applications or letters seeking anyof the reliefs stated above MUSTreach the Senate NOT LATER THAN EIGHT(8) WEEKS FROM THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE SEMESTER IN WHICH THE RELIEF IS SOUGHT.


8.         Any application received at the end ofthe first semester concerned shall NOTbe accepted or considered by Senate and the student shall be CONSIDERED TO HAVE VOLUNTARILY WITHDRAWNfrom the University if not registered at the end of the First Semester.


9.         Retrospective Temporary Withdrawalfrom Studies

Applicationsfrom students seeking retrospective temporary withdrawal from studies (i.e.seeking temporary withdrawal for a previous session) shall not be entertained.If at all such request is granted, THEPARTICULAR YEAR IN WHICH THE STUDENT STAYED AWAY SHALL BE COUNTED FOR THESTUDENT, THUS REDUCING THE TOTAL NUMBER OF YEARS THE STUDENT HAS TO SPEND INTHE UNIVERSITY.


10.       Inter/Intra University Transfers

Application for transfer opens during thesecond semester of each session and CLOSESON THE LAST DAY OF THE SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS.  Applications shall be made through thestudent’s department to the Registrar and all applications shall be processedduring the sessional break in readiness for transfer of students into newdepartments at the beginning of the next session.


Note: Transfer forms are available forcollection in the Academic Division upon receipt of students’ applicationletters.


Studentsare hereby strongly advised to take serious note of the foregoing. The2017/2018 academic session has been given as a period of grace for students toadjust to the University’s regulations regarding their registration.


Implementationof the above stated rules on students’ registration TAKES EFFECT FROM THE 2018/2019 ACADEMIC SESSION and strictcompliance is expected from every student.


Ignoranceor excuses shall not be condoned, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.