Procedure/Requirements for Intra and Inter University Transfer

A. INTRA-UNIVERSITY TRANSFER (Change of College/Department)

i. Interested students are expected to complete the transfer form obtainable from the Academic Division, following a formal application to the Registrar through their Departments/Colleges.
ii. Students’ would not be expected to repeat any course already passed in their previous departments.
iii. All passed general courses must be credited to the transferred student.
iv. For intra-departmental transfers, there shall be lateral transfer i.e. from 300 level Mathematics to 300 level Computer Science OR 300 level Chemistry to 300 level Industrial Chemistry.
v. Students transferring from College of Science to College of Technology must not have any carryover and must have a minimum CGPA of 3.5
vi. Students transferring from College of Technology to College of Science must have a minimum CGPA of 1.5 (for 2013 set and above), and CGPA of 1.0 for students admitted prior the 2013 session. This is also applicable to intra collegiate transfers.
vii. Transfer is to 200 level only, except for intra-departmental transfer.
viii. Consideration of applicants shall be concluded during the end of session holiday, and successful students duly communicated, to facilitate resumption with other returning students during the next session.
ix. All approved transfers shall take effect from the first semester of the next session, when the transfer students are expected to resume with returning students.  


i. The CGPA for candidates  seeking transfers to the College of Technology shall be 4.0
ii. The CGPA for candidates seeking transfers to the College of Science shall be 3.5
iii. Applications for transfer from state-owned Universities shall be considered.
iv. Applications for transfer from Federal Government recognised foreign Universities shall be considered.
v. Private Universities, either foreign or local, shall not be considered.

Please Note:

Application for transfers opens during the second semester of each session and CLOSES ON THE LAST DAY OF THE SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS. Applications shall be made through the student’s Department/College to the Registrar and applications shall be processed during the sessional break in readiness for transfer of students into new departments at the beginning of the next session.