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Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset such as person, dwelling/work place, item, organization.The most common of all crime is theft of personal property such as wallets, handbags, carrying of all kinds of valuables. It takes only seconds for a thief to steal your valuables. To guard against theft is to discourage would be thieves. Once they learn there is nothing to steal they will stop hanging around your area. This will turn will contribute to overall safety.

– Keep your personal property with you at all times.
– Never leave anything unattended in any area even if you are only leaving for a brief break.
– Do not carry large sums of money.
– Avoid leaving easily removable valuable articles in plain view inside your vehicle.

Vehicle Security

At the University entrance gate, vehicle tallies are issued to all vehicles coming into the campus. This tally is for the safety of your vehicle and should be kept safe. Try to park in the same location on the lot as other staff. When leaving your car, you should;
– Make sure your car is locked.
– Ensure the windows are closed.
– Make note of where you have parked.
– Make note of neighboring buildings that you might take refuge in if necessary.

When returning to your car

– Have your keys in hand so you do not have to linger before unlocking the door.
– Be observant as you approach your car. Check under the vehicle as you approach it.
– Check inside your vehicle before entering to make sure no one is hiding inside, even if the doors werelocked.
– If you notice something unusual either around your car or in your car, continue walking to a safe place and call Security.

Closing for the Night

– Department rules should require the last person out to make certain the office is empty, electrical systems are turned off, and the office is secured.
– When leaving for the night, proceed slowly.
– Check carefully for suspicious persons or circumstances before you leave the safety of the office.
– Look and listen. Stop on the way out and look and listen again before proceeding.
– If you become at all suspicious, return to your office and call Security for assistance.