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SERVICOM is an acronym derived from the words SERVICE COMPACT.

Compact is a formal agreement between two or more people.

In this case SERVICOM is a Service Compact (Agreement) between the Federal Government including all organs and the Nigerian people.

The SERVICOM initiative is a Federal Government project to improve Service Delivery at every window in Nigeria.

Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun, Nigeria, welcomes this project with full support because the ideology is not far from our University Motto “Excellence and Relevance”.

Therefore, the SERVICOM initiative fall in line with our outlook to life as spelt out by our Motto.

FUPRE SERVICOM ensures all Staff of the University perform their functions timely, fairly and honestly, effectively and transparently with view to making FUPRE develop to its zenith economically, morally, politically, and socially.

Service fails when someone has left undone what should have been done or when someone has done what should not have been done.


SERVICOM Committee was inaugurated sometime 2010 in FUPRE.

It was on January 15, 2015, that the University Management held its First SERVICOM In-House Training at the Senate Chambers.

The Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Prof. Akii Ibhadode, FAS, in the same year, reconstituted the Committee and appointed Professor Daniel Eni as the SERVICOM Focal Officer/Committee Chairman.

The Committee was saddled with the responsibility to formulate and draft the Service Charter and its Complaints Policy for the University.

In April 6, 2016, Professor Akii Ibhadode made FUPRE SERVICOM a Directorate and appointed Professor Daniel Eni as Director of Unit, who later passed on in July 23rd, 2016.


The Unit has attracted commendations from the University Management who have been very supportive and has fully embraced the “spirit and the letter” behind SERVICOM.

The establishment of SERVICOM in FUPRE has created an awareness and consciousness in members of staff, students, and clients that SERVICOM is here to right the wrongs.

It has also inculcated discipline in members of staff in their dealings with our amiable students and other stakeholders and reduce the level of frustration encountered in their academic pursuits and other business endeavours.

In line with the SERVICOM initiative of timely, honest and transparent Service Delivery, the Unit enjoys the support of Management in order to instill confidence on our customers.

Staff attitude to work has greatly improved with the measures put in place by SERVICOM.