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A Critical review of in-situ transesterification process for Biodiesel Production.

Journal: The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 2012
Author: Samuel, O.D. and Dairo, O.U.,

Effects of Self-regulated learning and Metacognitive learning cycle on the academic achievement of ...

Journal: Open Journal of Advanced Engineering Techniques, , 2013
Author: Inomiesa, E.A., Achufusi, N.N. Mgbemena, C.O.

The Communicative Efficiency of Maps in Tourism Development

Journal: Journal of Research in Tourism., 2007
Author: Onosemuode, Christopher

Phytochemical screening, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial activities of Senna occidentalis (L.) leaves

Journal: Int J Herbal Medicine, 2014
Author: Odeja OO, Obi G, Ogwuche CE, Elemike EE, Oderinlo OO.

Optimizing the Output Current for a DC-DC Converter

Journal: Journal of Control Theory and Informatics, International Institute for Science, Technology and Education, 2012
Author: Ofualagba Godswill, Igbinoba Kevwe Charles and Onyan Aaron Okiemute

Phthalate ester plasticizers in Orogodo River Delta State and their potential health effects

Journal: International Journal of Environment and Pollution Research, 2015
Author: Edjere, O., Asibor, I. G. and Otolo, S. E.

A Time Function Havlena and Odeh MBE Straight Line Equation

Journal: Onepetrol Journal, 2015
Author: Stanley Buduka., Biu Victor T., and Okotie Sylvester

Impact of biologically treated effluent on the physico-chemical quality of a receiving stream in Ile ...

Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development, 2015
Author: Asibor, G., Edjere, O. and Adeniyi, I. F.

Robust Cellular Network for Rural Telephony in Southern Nigeria

Journal: pp. 125-132, 2013
Author: Ojugo, A. A., Yoro, R. E., Oyemade, D., Yeroku, M. O., Eboka, A. O., Ugboh, E., Aghware, F. O.

Design of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) in a PV-Inverter

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, 2012
Author: Ofualagba Godswill, ONYAN AARON OKIEMUTE, Igbinoba Kevwe Charles