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Cadastral Maps and Squatter (Slum) Settlement Development in Urban Growth.

Journal: Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,, 2007
Author: Onosemuode, C and Gambo, I. D

Design and Manufacture of a 30-ton Hydraulic Press

Journal: A U J.T. 14(3): 196-200 (Jan. 2011) Technical Report , 2011
Author: Malachy Sumaila and Akii Okon igbon Akaehomen Ibhadode

Experimental Study of Induced Vibration and Work Surface Roughness in the Turning of 41Cr4 Alloy S ...

Journal: IJIRSET , 2013
Author: Eze S.C., Izelu, C.O., Oreko B.U., Edward B.A

Experimental Study on a Line-Axis Concentrating Solar Energy Collector for Water Heating

Journal: Industrial Engineering, 2017
Author: Frederick Ikpakwu, Anthony Okoronkwo, Modestus Okwu, Emmanuel Anyanwu

Performance Evaluation of an Indigenous Rotary Power Weeder

Journal: Energy and Environmental Engineering Journal, 2012
Author: Olaoye, J. O. and Samuel, O. D. and Adekanye, T. A

Immunization Model for Ebola Virus in Rural Sierra-Leone

Journal: IEEE African Journal of Computing ICT, 2015
Author: Ojugo, A. A., Allenotor, D., Oyemade, D. A., Yoro, R. E., Anujeonye, C. N.

Leachate Characterization and Assessment of Surface and Groundwater Water Qualities near Municipal S ...

Journal: Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 2016
Author: Asibor Godwin, Edjere Oghenekohwiroro and Ebighe Daniel

A Novel Framework for Student Result Computation as a Cloud Computing Service

Journal: American Journal of Systems and Software, 2015
Author: Orobor Anderson Ise

A survey of traditional foundries and forge shops and a training programme for traditional metal cra ...

Journal: Benin Journal of Educational Studies, 1999

Alkaline Phosphate Level Activity in Crude oil Contaminated Soil Bio remediated with natural sources

Journal: journal of Engineering and Applied Scientific Research, 2014
Author: Akpoturi P.E